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Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Signed by Six22 is a unique service developed to assist plans and homecare agencies with obtaining documentation from medical providers to ensure continued compliance.


Our team reaches out to the patients’ primary physician to obtain orders. If the patients visit is greater than 30 days we attempt to schedule the patient for a follow up visit. Our team offer to conference the patient with the MD office.


If successfully scheduled we send the physician a form with demographic information pre-filled to ensure that the form is placed in to the correct patients chart.


Our team follows up with the PCP after the scheduled appointment as needed.


In the event that a patient is unable to visit their PCP our team requests the individuals’ permission to schedule them for an in home visit, once confirmed our call center coordinates with the visiting MD office and coordinates scheduling. The forms are then transmitted to us and uploaded via secure FTP to the plan or agency.


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