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So Why Does a Doctor Need a Website Anyway?

Believe it or not, in the year 2013 there are still doctors out there who think they can stay offline completely. They have all kinds of reasons to explain why a website isn’t for them. They say they have no time and don’t want to be bothered. Or they claim it’s a waste of money, it won’t help them, etc. In effect, these doctors are saying they want to remain in the 1990’s and continue marketing their practices through the Yellow Pages.Website WoesFact is, doctors today have no choice but to fully embrace the internet. The healthcare world is always a couple steps behind in terms of catching up with modern business technology. Just step foot into most doctor offices and you’ll be amazed by how low-tech a lot of things are. Take the the paper files for example. However this is rapidly changing. According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 80% of Americans today go online for health information. What that means is that doctors who refuse to modernize will be left behind, clear and simple.

Don’t Let Outside Websites Define YouThe first step to a professional online presence is to create a first-class website packed with informative features that your patients will love. Your patients need to be able to find simple, relevant information about your practice, like your address, insurance information and more. A doctor’s website doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive at all, but it’s crucial to have one. Otherwise when a prospective patient Googles you, what comes up are the many outside ‘doctor review sites’ that create profiles for you without asking or checking to see if the information is even accurate.A medical practice without a website is simply unprofessional and unproductive. Would you ever dare meet patients while sitting in your pajamas? That’s how a doctor without a website in 2013 comes off. So get with the program and get yourself a top-flight site for your medical practice!Make Your Body, Make Your Life

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