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Radar and the Elderly: A great combination!

What does radar and the elderly have in common? More than you might think! Monitoring the elderly using radar is something scientists say not only makes sense but is ideal for those who wish to remain independent in their own homes but still want to know that someone or something is checking up on them. The system currently being worked on is still in its early stages but so far is smart enough to determine the difference between sitting and falling, and can respond by sending a text to the direct caregiver, family member, or neighbor to ensure help is on the way.

How does it work?

The system uses radar units that are so small they can fit in your hand, and can even tell responders the specific location of the fallen person. Not only can it monitor movement it can also be used to keep tabs on a person's heart rate and breathing! Another advantage is that the system works even in complete darkness where a regular camera monitoring system would be useless. All these advantages are crucial to this system becoming an actual product that is used to help many elderly folks living at home or in care facilities receive the care and monitoring they need and that can potentially save their lives.

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