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Summer and Senior Health

Summer is here and with it comes fantastic walking weather! Walking can be a great way for seniors to naturally lower blood sugar, reduce body fat, improve bone density among a plethora of other health benefits, all while getting much needed fresh air and a small dose of sunlight. These types of outdoor activities are all crucial to maintaining the health of seniors and the elderly, and lead to significant decreases in risk of heart attacks and strokes, and who wants those!? Plus who doesn’t love a great walk, the sound of children playing, the cool breeze in your hair and the sun beaming down at you, as if to say "soak me up!"

A great way to get motivated and to keep track of how much you’ve walked is to incorporate a pedometer or fitness tracking device into every walk or even around the house. These devices have become small enough to clip to a belt strap or dress, have great battery life, and can be placed so they look like a regular accessory, instead of a very functional one. The advantages of a simple pedometer or a more robust fitness tracker are innumerable and have make walking fun by giving you tons of statistics about your walk, such as: time, distance, elevation, weather, and approximate calories burned. All of which can be accessed through the web or on the device itself. This gives the much needed drive to GET MOVING and GET WALKING. Wishing you a great day out there, stay safe and stay fit!

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