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Stay Fit 'til 85!

To many, the aging process denotes the inevitable decline of our physical prowess. Many young adults in America today fear the seemingly unavoidable loss of their physical capabilities that accompanies old age. Recent research, however, has shown that we are easily capable of maintaining our prime physical condition into our much later years.

The Method “You can maintain your muscle mass at the same mass you had at age 20 all the way at least until age 85,” says health care professional Michael Roizen. Most people assume that such results are only attainable through immense physical exertion, not to mention hours upon hours a week at the gym. Startlingly, studies have shown that all we need in order keep our muscles is one strength-training workout a week, comprising of a mere 30 minutes. A strength workout can consist of anything from free weights, to machines, to using one’s own body weight for pushups, chin-ups, or dips. In addition to the minuscule amount of actual working out, one should supplement the physical conditioning with the consumption of healthy proteins immediately afterwards. Furthermore, stress has proven to decrease our bodies ability to build protein, decreasing our overall muscle mass. By cutting down on stress, along with any of the aforementioned exercises and the consumption of protein, we are capable of preserving the physique of our prime into our late eighty’s.Make Your Body; Make Your Life.

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