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The Four Best Exercise Types For Seniors

According to the famous Framingham Heart Study, which has followed 5,209 residents of Framingham, Mass., over the past 46 years, researchers at the University Medical Center Rotterdam, the Netherlands, concluded that individuals age 50 and older who do moderate or high levels of physical activity live longer lives and experience lower instances of heart disease.“This study shows that higher levels of physical activity not only prolong total life expectancy but also life expectancy free of cardiovascular disease at age 50 years,” researchers reported. “This effect is already seen at moderate levels of physical activity, and the gains in cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy at higher levels are more than twice as large.”

Here are the four types of exercise seniors must do to stay fit and healthy.Strength Exercises - Helps increase metabolism which assist in keeping your blood sugar and weight in check. Of course you build muscle as well, always a highly positive thing.Examples: Arm raises (for shoulder strength), Standing squats (for lower body strength)Balance Exercises - So crucial to seniors because these help prevent falls. By strengthening the hip and leg muscles, you are keeping yourself safe!Examples: Side leg raises (strengthens hips and thighs), Hip Flexion (for ship and thigh muscles)Stretching Exercises - Gives you the ability to be flexible and active in your later years, without needing a cane or walker.Examples: Tricep stretch (lengthens muscles in the back of the arm) and Double Hip Rotation (stretches outer muscles of hip and thigh).Cardio Exercises - Any type of endurance exercise, be it jogging or biking or walking, these are all excellent exercises to get your heart rate up in a extra healthy zone. Examples: walking, jogging, swimming, anything that increases your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time.All the research shows that if you want to extend your life and live happily, you must exercise. There is no debate on the subject. So get started today by talking to your doctor and either join a gym or come up with your own fitness plan, but either way, get moving!Make Your Body; Make Your Life.

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