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Nothing Is As Chaotic As It Seems

Everyone deals with anxiety from time to time, and that’s totally normal. Thoughts race in and swirl around, sometimes it enough to feel crazy!Anxiety is our mind and body’s response to the things we are scared about. Is this illness bad. Are my kids safe. Will this deal work out. There’s no limit to what we worry about.Excess worrying has an adverse effect on just about everything, mentally and physically. It can take a toll on the mind, which damages rational thought and blocks happiness. It can leave you quivering and frail, and your immune system damaged. What good comes from worrying too much? Is anxiety in our control? These questions may not have a set answer, but there certainly are solid methods to handle worry and stress.

Taking even just one of these tips to manage your anxiety may improve your quality of life.

Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts and the things that freak you out will help find personal validation in them and work them out on paper. You may find that the worries might not be as crazy as they sound in your own head.

Talk to someone. Seeing a therapist or having a conversation with a family member pays huge dividends. Opening up and sharing your fear is the first step. By sharing with another, you take the problem inside of you and divide it in half as now there is another person who knows about it and there to support you.

Exercise. When exercising, endorphins are released from the body which helps manage stress levels and make you feel better. Having a fitness routine is very important. Some good examples of beneficial exercise would be yoga, jogging, or swimming. Meditate or pray. Taking time to relax and guide your mind through soothing rituals improves focus and makes the anxiety more manageable.

Get busy. By involving yourself with something requiring your attention it will take your mind off your woes and there’s a chance you may even forget about it!If your anxiety is interfering with your quality of life and is seemingly draining you of your mental power, see a doctor. There are medicines and treatments to help cope with anxiety.

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