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Tea Time all the Time

With colder weather come lifestyle changes. Away with the short sleeves and pina coolatas and bring on the heavy overcoats and fireplaces. As a senior citizen, its safe to assume cold weather may mean a lot more time spent inside. Be that as it may, there are some fun ways to stay warm during these cold fall and winter months. What better way to savor warmth and sip away the dark nights then enjoying a fine cup of tea?

Tea can have many benefits- both mentally and physicallyA wonderfully way to enjoy tea is to relax over it. Better inside your favorite mug, hold the warm cup to your hands and savor the aroma and flavor the tea exudes. Taking time to sip a cup of tea daily can even be a therapeutic experience. It can help overcome feelings of anxiety, especially with the right sort of tea. Best coupled with a good book, taking time to unwind is extremely important in maintaining a healthy mental state. Try them all!There are thousands of different varieties and flavors of tea. Here are three pertinent teas that are on the market and some of their excellent health benefits-Green Tea- filled with antioxidants, combats stress and reduces risk of cancer and even burns fat!Chamomile tea- recommended for those with cold’s, also jammed with helpful antioxidants. Tastes best with some milk and honey.Black tea- packed with caffeine and has shown to reduce the risk of stroke.A set tea time does not have to have to be limited to those living in the United Kingdom. By taking in interest in teas you embark on a journey of health benefits, relaxation, and enjoyment. Don’t be the only one enjoying the tea though! Suggest to your friends to drink tea with you and share in the warmth.Make Your Body; Make Your Life.

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